Simplify appointment management with a

smart, streamlined digital solution.

Say goodbye to missed service calls, last-minute cancellations, and the wasted time and money that go along with an inefficient customer service system. With our customizable Standby Appointment Manager, you can stay ahead of every hiccup and be there for the people who matter most, when it matters most.


Customize the timing and messaging of SMS and voice reminders to keep your customers informed, and make it easy for them to confirm, reschedule, or cancel over text or the web.

Automate Appointment and
Quota Fulfillment

Last-minute cancellation? That’s okay. Our Standby Processing system helps you fill those openings by sending automated alerts to customers and distributing quota to available technicians.

Empower Customers with
En-route Tracking

Keep customers in the know (and at the ready) with real-time technician tracking through Google Maps and Field Service platform integrations.

Encourage and Collect
Useful Feedback

After it’s all said and done, find out just how well your team did with automated Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys sent to their phones, generally resulting in more user responses.

With a more efficient system, you can reduce your overall workforce while maintaining the same level of quality and flexibility that your customers demand and deserve. That’s the win-win you’ve been looking for.

Why Do I Need a Standby Appointment Manager?

Because they’re tired of waiting—and you’re tired of wasting.

Missed appointments, idle technicians, and software silos lead to sky-high costs and scheduling complications. If you’re a service provider, you’ve been standing by for a proactive,
innovative system that anticipates unexpected downtime, inevitable detours, and hidden opportunities. Your customers have been, too.

$108 B
The total cost of time wasted by Americans waiting on the phone for customer service support.
$130 B
The total yearly expense of lengthy customer service wait times on US businesses and employers.
$150 B
The total annual cost of missed appointments on the US healthcare industry alone.
of callers hang up the phone after 40 seconds of silent hold.
of consumers have walked away from brands based on service-related frustration.
of US consumers want companies to actively update them throughout service processes.

Always On Standby,
So You Can Move Forward

With our cloud-based, adaptable AI solution, you’ll:

Increase employee efficiency.

Ensure smooth workflows for technicians.

Reduces truck roll cancellations.

Provide customers unmatched flexibility and transparency.

Cut costs stemming from missed calls and appointments.

Enjoy a 2-year head start on self-service automation.

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