Deliver Improved Customer Engagement

Today’s customers communicate using different tools depending on urgency and personal preferences. Recent surveys report over half (54%) of consumers prefer new messaging channels (SMS, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat) as their primary form of communication with companies over legacy channels such as phone and email.

However, most organizations today still only offer traditional ways of communicating (phone calls or e-mails). This means there is a gap between how customer’s want to communicate and the method offered by companies. You can provide chat or SMS, but they are only small steps towards realizing significant contact center savings.

Fortunately, adding intelligence behind your digital communications can resolve issues faster and divert a significant percentage of interactions from ever reaching an agent. We can help by using NLP and AI to understand the intent behind your customer’s written message and provide meaningful responses by pulling data from billing, outage management, and other OSS systems.

We have experience working with the top chat providers and offer turnkey SMS solutions. We are also platform independent. We will work with you to create a comprehensive integration plan to shift live phone support to automated platforms. We understand OSS/BSS systems and how to deliver key back office data to front-end, customer facing communication channels.

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